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CompactMaster CPM 320-10-18 W

CPM 320-10-18 W

Schneider CompactMaster CPM 320-10-18 W CPM 320-10-18 W A222001

The flexible tool for mobile applications

  • Directly-flanged 2-cylinder piston compressor
  • Two pressure gauges for vessel and working pressure
  • 10-year rust guarantee on all vessels
  • Sturdy steel frame with extendible handle
  • Easily accessible condensate drain cock

Common features

  • Robust design is ideal for industrial use
  • Efficient power units for applications with high air requirements
  • Robust steel frame and step-safe cover provide effective protection for all components

    1+2 warranty 10-year rust guarantee

    Technical data

    Pressure 10 bar
    Suction capacity 310 l/min
    Filling capacity 240 l/min
    Order number: A222001