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  • Durable, V-belt driven compressor blocks
  • AIR ENERGY CONTROL 3 electronic control system with control of rotation direction, operating hours indicator, service messages, hours under load, etc.
  • With integral cold dryer fitted on vessel and fine filter
  • System ready for operation, with integral cold dryer
  • Dry compressed air for perfect working results
  • Less space required thanks to compact dimensions
  • All maintenance components are easy to access, which saves time and costs during maintenance work
  • Quiet due to soundproofed housing
  • Easy-to-install exhaust air duct
  • Integrated control of rotation direction prevents expensive damage during commissioning and operation
  • Tip: Screw-type compressors with a built-in cold dryer on vessel take up very little space and ensure high air quality.

Technical details

GTIN/EAN 4011666051370
Article number 4152009628
Pressure 8 bar
Volumetric flow rate 1,242 l/min
Voltage 400 V
Drive power 7.5 kW
Weight 346 kg
Noise 63 dB(A)
Air outlet 3/4"
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,550x690x1,560 mm