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​Innovative compressed air solutions - perfect in the system.


Schneider airsystems provides high-quality screw compressors and piston compressors, energy-efficient conditioning systems, flexible pipe systems and high-performance pneumatic tools for trade and industry. The quality of our products is unique and in the system it is even better! Thus it is not enough for us to simply fulfil basic functions of individual applications. A distinctive system concept for innovative compressed air solutions from compressed air generation to the pneumatic tool ensures optimal work results in industry and trade.


Modul 1 

Mobile and stationary compressors

We offer you high-quality mobile compressors and stationary piston compressors, as well as high-performance screw compressors.

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Modul 2 

Cold dryers and maintenance units
Purifying devices clean the compressed air and collect the various substances that accumulate during the compression process.

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Modul 3 

Pipe systems and hoses

High-quality products for our innovative pipe systems can be found here.

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Modul 4 

Pneumatic tools and accessories

Our pneumatic tools have been proven time and again – for professional use in trade and industry.

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