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What we stand for

We take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about compressed air. We offer compressed air solutions for the complete compressed air sector – in high quality and tailored to your individual needs.

Our broad product portfolio comprises a total of 4 modules: From compressed air generation, compressed air treatment and distribution up to compressed air utilization. Our powerful and innovative products are the basis for efficient and durable compressed air solutions. Our extensive product portfolio results in numerous combination options with which we can meet a wide range of customers requirements.


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To ensure that you, as a professional user, are in best hands, we maintain an intensive partnership with the specialist trade. This also includes support with efficiency measurements and compressed air constructions through to installation and commissioning directly at your location.

With our comprehensive service concept and reliable service partners, we are also there, if your system runs out of air, by ensuring operational reliability.

With our customized compressed air solutions and our experience for over 50 years, we create the foundation for your efficient and safe compressed air supply.

Who we are

We, Schneider airsystems, are a medium-sized traditional company from the Swabian region. Our inventive spirit, our many years of experience in the compressed air sector and the people who work for us take our company a step forward every day.

For more than 50 years, we have been a reliable partner when it comes to compressed air and support our customers with high-quality and comprehensive compressed air solutions.


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Our origins

Founded in 1966 in the Swabian town of Ditzingen, we have focused on individual solutions that go beyond individual products right from the start. Within the first ten years we already convinced with mobile piston compressors and compressed air tools. Inspired by the lively exchange with our customers, we developed the CompactMaster, the first truly mobile and handy construction site compressor on the market. In order to grow further and to put our focus on compressor assembly, we moved to Reutlingen

We started manufacturing stationary compressors and make our products even more user-friendly. More and more specialized dealers rely on compressed air solutions from Schneider and a new store concept for specialist dealers was created. Our business flourished and we expanded our location with a new building to offer an even broader product portfolio. Shortly afterwards, we entered the international stage and established subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In the 1990s, we established our service division and now offer our customers expert and flexible support in addition to our high-quality products. Over time, we made a name for ourselves as a premium manufacturer in the compressed air sector and are particularly in demand among professional users in trade and industry. Our innovative SysMaster revolutionized the market for mobile compressors.

We continue to deepen our partnership with the trade and introduce new products that are valued for their quality, suitability and user-friendliness. Today, we offer around 2,000 items from more than 40 product groups. Our portfolio remains in a constantly in motion.

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