The new Industrial Tech Compressors

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Constant compressed air - without a break

Our latest-generation piston compressors: champions of endurance for industry

The new Schneider INDUSTRIAL TECH series is designed for maximum efficiency. It enables you to complete work in one piece, i.e. without time-consuming interruptions. How does that work?

Our pistons deliver a duty cycle of 100 %, taking into account the appropriate installation conditions, and thus constant compressed air whenever you need it. This reduces the downtimes of your compressor to an absolute minimum.

The new INDUSTRIAL TECH range is divided into two product lines that meet different needs: The PRO USER product line and the INDUSTRIAL product line.

Schneider Industrial Tech – PRO USER
The ATF-S aggregate - Patented technology for industrial applications

Mobile use, with constant performance and maximum reliability in operation - the PRO USER product line is perfect for daily use in small and medium-sized handicraft businesses.

Our powerful PRO USER piston compressors are the first to use the ATF-S aggregate, which, based on the latest patented technology, ensures a smooth start-up and low engine load. This ensures constant compressed air and also saves you time and money due to the lower maintenance requirement.

Low noise

The low noise level of 68-72 dB significantly reduces the workload, for you as a user and your working environment.


The oil-free aggregate reduces the need for maintenance. Less downtime lets you work efficiently and realizes significant cost savings. The risk of failure due to oil contamination is minimized.


The powerful compressors have been specially designed for mobile use. Their compact format, light weight and ease of operation allow you to start up quickly and work without complications.

Die Schneider Industrial Tech – PRO USER Modelle

Schneider Industrial Tech – INDUSTRIAL

Supplying larger industrial plants and a wide range of applications with constant compressed air demand - that is the specialized field of the new INDUSTRIAL product range.

Our new piston compressors have been specially developed for industrial applications that require powerful and reliable compressed air. Available in various configurations with oil-lubricated as well as oil-free aggregates, they meet the highest demands for clean compressed air in line with requirements and are thus also ideally suited for pharmaceutical and food production.

The heart of the latest generation

Specially designed to withstand continuous stress, we have deliberately chosen materials with high precision and low wear in the design. This high robustness enables high reliability and low service requirements over a long service life of your device.

Continuous operation

Low operating costs


Robust construction

Energy savings

High quality compressed air supply

The Schneider Industrial Tech - PRO USER models