The EU Regulation for Chemicals REACh (EG) NO. 1907/2006

Don't worry about REACh – we will take care of it!

Schneider airsystems - REACh

The EU regulation for chemicals REACh (EC) NR. 1907/2006 with the previous adaptations and modifications:

As defined by REACh, Schneider airsystems is only a downstream user as we do not manufacture any materials or substances ourselves nor import them to the EU.

This means that we, as tool manufacturers, are not directly affected by the duty of registration stipulated in this Regulation. Nevertheless, we have informed all our suppliers about REACh and requested them to comply with their obligations, including the duty of registration, resulting from REACh.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) also published the list of candidates.

All manufacturers of products are obliged to announce substances on the candidate list that are contained in their products with a weight fraction of> 0.1%.

We meet this requirement.

Schneider airsystems – REACh candidate list

Currently, no substances subject to registration are used in our devices.

We also comply with the obligations of the EU WEEE and RoHS Directives.
Our registration number is: WEEE-Reg.-No. 75 53 36 36